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5 Uses for Corrugated Steel Panels

Corrugated metal panels are durable, lightweight, and weather resistant, making them a great choice for a variety of applications. Whether you are a commercial contractor or a DIY homeowner, steel panels could be just the thing to complete your next project. 

Here Are Five Uses For Corrugated Steel Panels.

  1. Corrugated Steel Panel Siding
    One of the favourite ways to use steel panels is as siding. Because it’s strong and resilient, it’s an excellent choice for protecting homes or other buildings. Harsh Calgary winters challenge many building materials, but corrugated steel panels can take the beating.
  2. Corrugated Metal Panels for Roofing
    Speaking of taking a beating, corrugated metal panels are also a great choice for a roof. The material provides excellent waterproof protection while standing up to the elements. 
  3. Industrial Corrugated Metal Panels
    Corrugated steel is a favourite material for heavy-duty industrial use. This includes things like cooling tower cladding, transite panel replacement, and concrete floors reinforcement. Fabric buildings are another favourite among contractors because they provide quick, durable storage solutions.
  4. Corrugated Steel Barn and Fabric Building
    Barns and other agricultural buildings can be made of corrugated metal panels. Building out of corrugated steel makes the structure easy to construct and maintain with an attractive finish. Fabric buildings are also easy to construct and pair well with corrugated steel.
  5. Home Improvements with Corrugated Steel
    Corrugated steel panels can spruce up your home as well. Wrapping a kitchen island in corrugated steel creates a unique centrepiece. Other creative uses for steel panels include wainscotting the outside of your home, installing an accent wall, and using them as ceiling panels.

Corrugated steel and fabric buildings are two versatile options that work well for many applications. From large-scale agricultural and industrial settings  to parts around the home, corrugated steel is durable, affordable, and gets the job done.

For the past 15 years, Dura Shelters has been supplying steel-framed fabric buildings to businesses throughout Calgary. We provide cost-effective coverall building solutions to a number of industries. You can trust us to help you with all your needs. Give us a call at (705) 896-2628 or send us an email to

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