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Throughout history, there have been a lot of different material types used in the construction of various buildings. From sheds and outhouses to domicile dwellings and skyscrapers, materials certainly differ. One of the most economic options today is a fabric covered building. This probably isn’t someone’s first option for a building material, until they find out about all the benefits. 

 It is likely the case that you’ve seen these custom fabric structures quite a few times before, and you may even be considering one now for your personal use. 

Fabric Buildings

What are Fabric Buildings?

Fabric buildings are quite sturdy and safe. They use a steel frame and a thick, flexible fabric that’s weather-resistant to cover up the frame. This is a very popular option to go with for a variety of barns and sheds, large carports or machine storage, and even for sports practice facilities. The options are virtually limitless. These fabric barns and ports can be seen all over. 

 Another thing that matters greatly about these structures is that they’re built to last. They stand up great to weather and age. They’re permanent structures, not just temporary fabric ports of convenience. Though people may be wondering what fabric buildings actually cost. 

The Costs of Fabric-Covered Buildings 

 The truth here is that we cannot simply quote you a number. There are different sorts of fabric, like single truss and double truss. There are all sorts of different shapes and sizes, so some are small while other buildings need to be large. There are prefab models and custom fabric shelters that are more intricate. 

 All we can say with certainty is that going the fabric route is a lot cheaper than basic construction with wood, metal, siding and other options. The best services out there for these sorts of buildings will offer you a free quote, so you can see exactly what you will be paying for a custom fabric structure on your property. 

 Overall, the price is far more affordable than other methods for a few reasons. Not only is the material cheaper to begin with, but it’s also a lot easier to install, needing less hardware. Plus, with most of these structures, there isn’t any insulation, plumbing or complex wiring, so everything happens quicker. Cutting labor costs is another big way to save.

 Overall, these buildings can prove very economical for anyone in need of a fabric shelter.

For the past 15 years, Dura Shelters has been supplying steel-framed fabric buildings to businesses throughout Calgary. We provide cost-effective coverall building solutions to a number of industries. You can trust us to help you with all your needs. Give us a call at (705) 896-2628 or send us an email to